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Check out TSRA’s new trailer – it’s brilliant!

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Reblog Saturday – Sharing the love, life, and laughter contributed by really talented bloggers.

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It’s Reblog Saturday time with Sally Cronin – don’t forget to check out her offer to share your recipes on Smorgasbord – I’m definitely hoping to have a go.

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It is that time again…. this week I have been browsing through my regular haunts and also I have ventured into new territory.  I hope you enjoy the selection – the list is actually much longer but duty calls in the form of chief cook and bottle washer.  However, I will be popping back throughout the day and finding more to share.


This week has been a bit of a break for me.  My husband was in Ireland and with most of the house renovations completed ahead of the Estate Agent’s visit next week, I took the opportunity to relax and catch up on reading, tapistry and the last of the swimming… sad that now the nights are cool enough to drive the temperature of the water way down.

My husband, a keen diver, offered me the option of a couple of rubber suits!!  I appreciate that they do stretch…

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“The Owl of the Sipan Lord” by Viv Drewa on Sale for $0.99 and Another 5 Star Review

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Another 5 star review!

Shadows of El Brujo?
By John R. Dizon

The Owl of the Sipan Lord by Viv Drewa is an action-packed adventure novel centered on the exploits of Clare Montgomery, a widowed 52-year-old archaeologist. She goes on a vision quest to Peru along with Cord Willoughby, intent on discovering the secrets of La Senora de Cao. The mysterious death of Hans Windmueller leaves little doubt as to the presence of evil spirits along the trail. Upon arrival in El Brujo, they find themselves delving headlong into a web of mystery, intrigue and murder. It takes them to the ancient Temple of the Moon, where they enlist the aid of the Lord of Sipan, Cantunta. They find that his daughter Adelgonda awaits in the land of the dead, and only by overcoming the evil goddess can they rid the land of the curse of Cao.

The author develops…

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Quickie Tip – Amazon Global Links

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Now and then I’ll spot a book I like on Twitter, click on the link to go buy it, and find myself on the Amazon UK site. Unless I really, really have to have it I won’t bother to log on to where I get to shop, so someone just lost a sale. A while ago this year, I spent HOURS laboriously heading off to each different Amazon site, copying and pasting all my book links there, then turning them into links to pop on to my book page up above. They’re still there because I’m not taking down all my hard work, on the general principal of the thing. Then, after working my fingers to the bone like that, a lovely blogger friend let me know that there had been no need to do it at all. What you need is your Amazon Global Link, which automatically takes whoever clicks on it to the Amazon site relevant to their country. If you haven’t already got yours, pop over to Free GeoIP and save yourself the pain of the over-clicked finger.


The Sunday Show – Jane Kirkpatrick – Author of Historical Novels and Motivational Speaker.

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Time to meet Sally’s guest on the Sunday Show! A really interesting author, with some great advice on dealing with those inner Harpies.

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My father would have been thrilled to have met my special guest today. His all-time favourite film genre was the Western and Gary Cooper, John Wayne, James Stewart, Burt Lancaster and Clint Eastwood were frequent visitors to our home during my childhood. Knowing that my mother had a severe crush on Gregory Peck viewings of The Big Country however were restricted! I think most of us today are aware that the Hollywood treatment of that time in history was not necessarily based on reality and that many injustices were glossed over based on the age old philosophy of ‘Never let the facts get in the way of a good story’!

However, my guest today has gained a reputation of writing both fiction and non-fiction with a definite bias towards fact.

05 5x7

Jane Kirkpatrick is an internationally recognised author on the subject of real life in the harsh and often dangerous times…

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99 Cents or Free Books Today

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There’s a massive short on a power line up the road, and the lights are making like a disco here, so I’m guessing that the power is going to go out for a bit when someone comes to fix it. If they don’t come soon something’s going to go bang – it’s already making some creepy loud noises. So before I disappear – or get righteously zapped, I want to share my little promotion. I’ve decided to have a sale on my scribbles at Amazon only. My two short stories will be free from today till the 24th and Shadow People and African Me & Satellite TV are on sale at 99 cents for now. The links are under the cover pics just in case anyone feels like splurging.

AM Cover V1 - Copy (2) Smashwords

African Me & Satellite TV

SP 1 MAY 14

Shadow People

Test Fly Birdie 6.25 9.5 size (2)

Fly Birdie

The Visitation New (2) 6.25 9.5

The Visitation

Q&A Jo Robinson of African Me & Satellite TV @jorobinson176

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MEGA thank you to Ronovan over at Lit World Interviews for this wonderful opportunity to be interviewed by him – I enjoyed every minute of it. Lit World rocks!

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AM Cover V1 - CopyAfrican Me & Satellite TV

Jo Robinson

“Even though this is not the type of story I would normally read, I enjoyed the other three different themed books by this author (Fly Birdie, The Visitation and Shadow People) so much that I decided to try this latest one – and I’m glad I did, because it let me see yet another aspect of her talent as a writer.”-Chris Graham

The author has done a masterful job describing a wide range of characters. The artistic Suzette, the rugged men who work the land, the cook, maid, and tragic gardner – all have distinct personalities that leapt off the page. Enter the villainous couple who I wanted the smack from the moment I met them.”-Mark Myers

There is never a dull moment in the Hertzog household, which consists of Suzette, her loving husband Herman, their cook, Precious, the gardener, Christopher and their…

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