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Us indie scribblers are a hardworking bunch. We write. We read. We (try) to learn marketing. As well as that we get to poke our mostly non-techie brains with big sticks to figure out how to produce books and cover art that can measure up – and then some if you want to be noticed in a good way – to traditionally published works. And those who really want to get there inevitably do I reckon. The nicest thing for me about indie websites is always when the formal author disappears now and then, and up pops a wonderfully relatable to rant, or recipe for homemade bunion buster. Writers are creative souls, and so often share other parts of their creativity too. I love it all, and those are the guys who catch my eye, make me eyeball their book blurb, and generally buy them. My TBR pile is epically proportioned, but I’ll get to read all of them eventually.

One of my favourite things about Stephen King’s books have always been his lengthy forwards. Talking about his life and thoughts, and mundane things. His website though these days is a little clinical – only talking about new and upcoming releases – so as a new reader you’d have to buy one of his books first to get sucked into that King magic. Ann Rice has a fan base that would follow her to death into battle with plastic swords if she asked, because she chats to her fans every day. Those vampire lovers didn’t bat an eye when she embraced religion and wrote a couple of very un-vampire books.

These are the writers I follow, and find fascinating. There is nothing at all interesting about seeing blog after blog extolling the virtues of a single book for months and months. I like the real looks into my favourite author’s lives much more. I’m a peeper – I admit it – but so are most of us after all. Anyway.

I’m getting less and less fall down, head in the sand tired day by day, and today I realised that I must be on the mend when I decided to make up my own new LOL, ROTFL type thingys to confuse people on Twitter, just off the cuff as I go along. I’m betting nobody will call me on these things. #QBA

PS.  I will post a plastic bottle of my very own home-made, cranium exploding, but suspiciously addictive, chilli sauce to anyone who fancies procrastinating long enough to tell me what #QBA means.


Add your website to your site . . . PLEASE!

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This is a really good instruction – I never realised that my WordPress blog wasn’t connected.

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This is just a quick reminder to those who my have not given it a thought.

When I am wandering the blogs and see great comments I click on who left those comments. I don’t do that just to see a larger version of a pretty face, or to read a bio, I do it to find the website, their blog. I rarely find a blog and thus miss out on following that person.


  • go to your,
  • your profile, then web sites
  • and add your blog site
  • You can even add your facebook and Twitter or whatever, but PLEASE add your blog site.

Thank you!


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The Vanishing Faces of African Wildlife

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The Vanishing Faces of African Wildlife – Photographer Fred von Winckelmann and poet Andrew Mercer combine their significant talents to make us think about The Vanishing Faces Of African Wildlife – and the pressing need to preserve their safety and their habitat. We must insist that all endangered species and those who are suffering from human encroachment and poaching are protected.

It is never too late for human beings to become all that we are capable of being: kind – compassionate – forgiving – courageous – loving – moral – just and fair.

Now – 2014 – in this unique, beautiful and precious moment in time – we must stand up together and preserve our planet and the sentient beings with whom we are privileged to share it.

We have a moral responsibility to confront – power – corruption – money – ego and ignorance and to champion those who have…

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Over 6,500 Views!

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Congrats to Janice, and an offer of interviews and reviews for scribblers.

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Wow, my blog has now received more than 6,500 views!

Thank you all for visiting and viewing my humble blog.  I can’t thank you enough!

I will be working hard to provide more interesting posts about talented indie authors, exciting book reviews, news about my own books and travels, writing and publishing and other things that tickle my fancy.

Please keep coming back for more, my friends! I appreciate your support. If you would like to be interviewed on my blog or have a book that needs a review please leave your name and info and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  I do have many other books I will be reviewing but I promise to put you on a list. Interviews will work the same way.

Thank you for your continuing support!  Blessings to all!

Banner_115h_04MCA_Silver_Label_2in_72dpi_Web copyFBPhotoo fBooks


Stock up on some…

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Mihran Kalaydjian with his Musical Band Mino Performing ” Habibi I Love You”

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Mihran Kalaydjian with his Musical Band Mino Performing ” Habibi I Love You”

The song in English & Arabic Languages

- Special Guest PitBull

- Habibi I Love You

Music Arrangement – Mino & Ahmad

Produced By RedOne


La Jolla – San Diego

Special Guest – Pitbull


Members of the Musical Group:

Aram Kasabian – Lead Guitar

Sevan Manoukian –  Drummer

Hratch Panossian – Bass

Samer Khoury – Violin

Tony Amer – Saxophone

Haim Cohen – KeyBoard

Albert Panikian – Trumpet

Nicole Del Sol – Percussion

Dana Debos – Trombone


My love, I love you,

I need you,

My love sing for me and keep me with you,

My love, I love you,

I need you, my love,

Make me melt in the fire of your love,

The first time I saw you, I changed completely,

I felt something different, I didn’t know what was wrong with…

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Reblog Saturday – A cornucopia of all things creative ♦♦♦♦

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Hi and welcome to this week’s Reblog Saturday. Thank you so much for dropping in and sharing these wonderful posts. I will be adding more throughout the day as I am back and forth between my desk and ‘duties’!

Chris, The Story Reading Ape kindly featured me on his terrific blog.  A great supporter of Indie writers and many of us have reason to thank him.

My thanks to the wonderful Gilda Evans for her insightful guest spot last Sunday.  Stepping out into the dating game again after a long pause can be daunting but she offers down to earth, realistic advice to get you started.

The Afternoon video directory has been updated with the four I posted this week – swimming with crocodiles, seals and cats – not all at once thankfully.

My guest tomorrow is Jennifer Anderson-Bounds an American author, broadcaster and film maker who wants…

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“The Angler and the Owl” by Viv Drewa – 6 five star reviews – eBook 99c/77p for a limited time!

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For 25 years France Hunter has been studying owls, and has discovered five new species around the world. Her work has kept her busy and she never had time for a relationship. She travels with Jason “Doc” Bradley, a former paramedic, and his cousins Tony and Andy Bradley. Now, on her last outing she is joined by a magazine writer, Cathy Birch, and a world famous angler, John Sinclair, who has also dedicated his life to his field.
As the small caravan travels to the Amazon river France falls and severely injures her left arm. Against Doc’s recommendation to turn back, she pushes on. This is her last trip and she wants to go to the place where she found her first new owl.
While fishing a blue-ringed owl lands on John’s canoe and looks down the river to where France’s group is, and then looks back at him…

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