It’s Raining Bugs

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I am still lagging sadly behind with my editing of African Me. Well maybe not sadly. Now that I’ve taken to not restricting myself with dates and times, I’m enjoying the process, and starting afresh on the cover design. Creativity can’t live side by side with stress, I don’t think. Maybe there is something to be said for the Yogi belief that if you accept whatever comes your way with equanimity, it will always turn out well. In the end, that is. I hope.

I’m managing to keep up with my daily word target for the NaNoWriMo, and I’m happy with that. At the end of the process, I want to have a fairly clean story, that can be edited in a week or two, so I don’t want to write reams of rubbish that will need major surgery. Shadow People is about as far away from my usual scribbles in content as it could be. Who knows? Maybe that’s a good thing.

I am bonding with my new laptop. I found it slightly threatening, and smug, to begin with, and I can’t bang away at its little keyboard, as I do with my desk dinosaur, but we’re making friends slowly. Apart from when it was setting itself up, and showed me my own, first thing in the morning face, to test its camera. Frightening! Certainly not the sort of thing I want to see before I’ve had my tea. I quickly threw a cloth over it, just in case it was broadcasting this terrifying dandelion looking thing to all my friends out there in cyberworld, but nobody has unfriended me yet, so I’m hoping I’m safe.
My new baby weaver, Kewpie, has sorted out his limbs, and is doing well now. I’ve managed to remove, with olive oil, the concrete-like piece of porridge that had been clinging to his chin, and making him so closely resemble Ramses II. He’s looking pretty cute now, and trying to copy Jelly’s singing. My parrots are not at all amused. They don’t approve of all the noise, or the flinging around of bugs. They prefer a nice civilized breakfast of bacon and toast. Bugs give them the willies.

We are fairly new to this area, so the ways of nature in the different seasons here are all yet to be discovered. This morning I woke up to what sounded like fairly heavy rain on the roof. I was very pleased. We’ve had our first rain, but could definitely do with more, to push the green shoots up faster through the fire blackened fields around us. I then discovered several wee beasties clinging to my hair, and scratchily snuggled up against me in my bed. I deserve a medal for not running screeching into the hills. I quietly headed off to the furthest bathroom from the bedroom, just in case a scream would, in fact, be necessary. I have been writing about otherworldly creatures for five days now after all.

On closer inspection, I found that these were rose beetles. Not so terrifying maybe, but tenacious little sods. It was them hitting the roof that made me think it was raining so hard. I couldn’t get them all out of my barnett before my bird family awoke, looking for their breakfasts. My parrots took one look at my writhing head, and headed for the pelmets, totally grossed out at the creatures in my hair, but my two little weavers went to work, helping me get them to unclamp their powerful beetle legs. Interesting start to the day, and inspiration for a world of bugs, I’m thinking.

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