Sixty NaNo Ways With A Cheese Pancake

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I think that I will share a bit of Shadow People here today. Hopefully you will let me know if you think I am on the right track, or if you think I should take up macramé instead.

This book has taken on a life of its own, and headed off in a direction I really could never have anticipated. First of all I decided to write a horror, only to see if I could really. Then the ooh nasties pictured on the internet scared me really badly, so in my true cowardly fashion I decided that alien dead ooh nasties was the way to go. How scary could the impossible be? I now have depraved, dead, alien demons, bent on nothing less than possession of my heroes. I think my self-deception was a mistake. These buggers are scaring me a lot more than anything I saw on my computer!

I’m still on track with the daily word count. 13 370 Today, but I admit to being tired now. Very tired! This is indeed a marathon, but I am determined to finish it now. I won’t give you a scary bit here today. Reading frightening things should be a choice, and not sneaked up on one. If I give you one in the future, I’ll add a little warning at the top.
Here it is – unedited, of course, so totally imperfect, I know……

“We can’t just sit here,” said Brian. “I want off this shitpile!”

“Yes,” said Gabe, “We need to get moving.”

Natalie took the hands that he held out to her, and allowed him to pull her to her feet, and enfold her in his arms. She felt safe there, encircled in the embrace of her husband. But she knew that Brian was right. They had to find a way home. And water. She had never been so thirsty in her life.

“You don’t have to come in to the other buildings with us Nats,” said Gabe, “I do think we should check out a few more though, in case there’s any sort of clue in any of them. You just wait in the avenue. No need for you to see that stuff again.”
She shook her head. “No. I want to come with you. Not all the buildings are like that one. They built the halls of worship specifically for their purposes.”

Gabe’s eyebrows shot up.

“What?” said Brian.

Natalie tried to think of a way to explain. They would think that she was mad if she said that she just knew. That she knew that she had been here before. Her mouth was dry, her tongue swollen. They needed water, and she thought she knew where to find some.

“Can you smell anything?” she asked.

They sniffed, the air.



“I smell water,”

She didn’t wait for them to respond, but strode down the avenue, to the sapphire minaret in the distance. They spoke softly, as they followed behind her, letting her have her way, after the shock of the foul depravity depicted in the carvings in the ruby stones that they had all just seen.

She didn’t understand the memories, or why she knew the things that she did. Everything in her mind was hazy, and dreamlike. She wished she could remember more. The grandeur of the glimmering buildings enthralled her. How could beings that created such beauty have sunk to such depths of dissolution? A little voice in her head told her that they hadn’t sunk. They had always been evil. And this world had not been theirs. The beauty had been created by others. Others long gone now. She knew this world! She had walked over the green dunes of Lapillus before, watched the rising of its suns, and the setting of its moons. Maybe not right here, in this specific citadel before, but she knew that she had been in one, or many others just like it.

As I said, it’s unedited. I won’t fix anything in it until it’s done. What started as a little bit of fun, has turned into a major learning curve for me. This is the way to write a book, I’m beginning to think. Just write it through, and don’t allow yourself to so much as glance at a previous page before you’ve typed “The End”.

Time now for the cheese pancake. It’s not too bad eating cheese pancakes every day. Apart from the five minute preparation time factor. They’re nice. This morning was cheese pancake with tomato and mayo – about a thousand calories probably, and lunch will be cheese pancakes with dill pickles and some old mushroom sauce I found in the bottom of the freezer. After the NaNo, expect my recipe book, “Sixty NaNo Ways With A Cheese Pancake”.

Till next time friends. xxx

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