New Friends

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A new blog to follow. More love from my new, and talented friend. Beautiful words!!



One day you were just here. I wasn’t looking for you nor was I expecting you.

When I met you I knew that I had been waiting for you all my life.

Love at first sight – does it really exist? Yes it does, believe me! Now I know what it feels like…

How can it be that someone – yesterday nothing but a stranger, today the man of your dreams – turns your life upside down?

When I see your happy smile and your honest eyes my heart beats faster and the sun rises.

When I hear your words you lift me up so I’m walking on fluffy clouds.

When I feel your touch I’m electrified, on fire.

This love so real, so beautiful, came out of the blue and will stay forever. I know it and you know it too.

We are meant for each other. You are…

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One thought on “New Friends

    adelesymonds said:
    November 26, 2012 at 4:22 pm

    A beautiful poem with emotions expressed clearly. A good post to reblog. Thank you Jo and thank you blossombee.


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