The Sounds Of Silence

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Written – Earthdate 1st January 2013 – Just so you know.  And so it begins.


The last day of 2012 was a little tiring, with the internet going on and off, and generally being so slow when on that it was almost useless.  Finally, I gave up trying, thinking that all the party people on the planet must be setting up their midnight trysts on the web, and clogging its arteries.  So instead, I strolled outside with my flute of pink bubbles, and was pleased to see that my beloved Africa gave me this, as her farewell to the old year.


This morning the signal lasted for all of three seconds, before expiring entirely.  So, miffed as I was, I grabbed my phone and headed out to give myself the large pleasure of waking the technician up at the crack of dawn.  You don’t just get cellphone signal anywhere here by the way, and certainly not indoors.  No.  You have to trudge all the way across the yard, and stand on a very specific mound, near a very specific tree at the perimeter fence.  It’s very scientific.  I was followed of course.


Then I saw that Africa gave me this, to begin my new year with.


Grinning from ear to ear at this gorgeous sunrise, and undoubtedly most auspicious sign, I decided to wait a while before making that poor old tech begin to live his hangover, turned on my heel, and stood on half a mole with my pink unshod foot.  It was the bottom half too.  And disturbingly squishy.  Clearly our resident owl doesn’t care for eating bottoms any more than I care for standing on them.  Of course I swore.  And phoned the technician.


It’s now five in the afternoon, and still not on.  I’m not feeling very hopeful that it will be on today at all.  I have noticed a few other things today that I probably wouldn’t have if I hadn’t been forced away from my computer.  Jelly the weaver’s quest to put dibs on every item in the house, so that nobody else is allowed to touch it, is gaining momentum.  Her furtive weaving of wool, and other bits, into my hair yesterday has not only left me a lot less locked, but also slightly suspicious.  Her lamp construction is moving along nicely.  There are several earrings and a ten cent piece in there somewhere.


She has now begun work on an old boot.  Note the carefully placed strip of ripped newspaper, its precise positioning based on some nefarious future planet ruling scheme, no doubt.  Anyway…


I am now going to head off to the veggie patch to see if there is a worthy lettuce to begin my saintly month of healthy living with, and try not to think that this internet lights out could very well mean that mighty Google has somehow stumbled on the coming invasion of its ranks by writers the world over, and locked us all out in self-defence.  Considering that Facebook regularly sends us to jail for innocently plying our wares, or having too many friends, it really wouldn’t surprise me.  But we are ever inventive, us indomitable indies. Never give up I say!


For those of you who missed my Readers Meet Authors And Bloggers blog post, here’s the link to our new, and totally open to the public, Google+ community.  Where all are invited in to interact with authors, bloggers, and writers of all descriptions.  Post links to books, blogs, events, put samples of your writing or poetry on the wall, and keep your readers up to date with you latest projects and news.  With a bit of luck I’ll be there too, in a very short while, unless I come up against something worse than half a mole on my upcoming salad run.  Who knows?



Till next time friends.  xxx



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