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I have more Savvy Writers posts on my bookmarks list than any others. Here’s why!

Savvy Writers & e-Books online



Amazon’s global competitor Kobo sells not only in Great Britain and Ireland. More countries will follow as Kobo will be soon the second-largest international online e-book retailer.  In former blog posts we covered the benefits of Kobo’s “Writing Life“.  Uploading is easy and you get 70% royalties, same as on Amazon.


More and more bookstores will sell books in any form, on any platform, Kobo e-books is one of them. The Huffington Post published an article a while ago, how independent bookstores can survive and mentioned the iconic San Francisco bookstore Kepler’s in Menlo Park, CA, who is listed under the Independent Bookstore participants and the Kobo e-reading program.

Indiebound offers more than 3.5 million titles. Check out these independent Bookstores in your town/State, that are participating at  and upload your book or e-book to Kobo.  And than for sure…

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