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Shameless reblog for our new sci-fi/fantasy/horror community – all welcome to join and chat about anything in the world – or off it.

Jo Robinson

When I first came across the occupation of Theoretical Physicist, a la Stephen Hawkings, I thought that I could indeed do that sort of thing.  Just hang around and make stuff up.  After all, who could really argue with you anyway?  You would just say, “But I’m only theorising my dear!”.  I have aimed to have some little connection to reality, no matter how small, in Shadow People, so when I did a little research on String Theory and multiple universes, I was appalled to discover that this possible future career would not be for me.  You actually do need to know quite a lot of the e = mc squared sort of thing in order to earn the title to hang around and make that sort of stuff up.


Quite apart from thinking that I was making up my gorgeous Voxavi in Shadow People, who are huge avian…

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