Virgil’s Big Check

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A Generous Helping

Since we started the Virgil Gives Back campaign, Virgil has been itching to hand one of those huge checks over to Heart for Africa.  I’ve tried to explain to him that we will be making our donation in private, but he’s a kid so what does he know?  It’s all glitz and bright lights to a boy.  His heart is in the right place, though.  We even found this catalog place online where for $79.95 (+ shipping & handling), you can buy a dry erase big check for all your charity needs.


That’s a great idea if you’re more into being in pictures than giving.  Sorry, off my soapbox now.  In reality, if we bought the big check, we wouldn’t have much left to give to the babies.  Anyone else reminded of Michael Scott’s Run for Rabies on The Office?

December sales have been going okay.  If any of you readers don’t know what we are…

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