Monday Tag a Book Day! Par Deux.

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I’ve been invited to participate in a Blog Chain by Melanie Toye author of:

Miranda is the top recruitment consultant for Entice Consultancy, working long hours to achieve great results. From the outside she appears to have her life in order as a successful career woman. Yet a jealous rival is determined to do anything to take her down and soon Miranda’s life turns problematic.

Grace and Louise both met Miranda through work and lead interesting lives of their own. Grace a free spirit, falls in love with a man that appears to be perfect. When her true love goes missing her world soon falls apart. Louise’s eating disorder is pushed to the limit as is her marriage with Mike. Retirement and a new relationship seem like bliss until one night’s event changes everything.

Entice Me is a journey that explores life changing events that forces each woman to rediscover themselves and what they are seeking from life.

Meltdowns, break-ups, love and laughter make Entice Me into an entertaining read.

Thank you so much for including me Melanie!

The rules of this tag are to answer the following four writing questions, and then tag three other authors. Next week, March 10, 2014, these three authors will answer the same questions if they want to, and tag three others, and so the chain continues to grow larger. This will enable readers to get to know more authors and their books. It will also allow everyone to get to know these authors a little better.


1. What are you currently working on?

Apart from the bits mentioned in my previous blog, I’ve been doing a lot of research for my Shadow People series. I’ve often been intrigued by fiction that somehow touches on legends and myths, and that’s a big part of these books. I look up science facts and theories on space travel, multiple universes – string theory, and also the listings of angels and their given tasks. Right now I’m researching the mythical jewel that fell to Earth from Satan’s crown – an emerald. Crystals have a large part to play in this series.

2. How does your work differ from others in the same genre?

Show me two books by different authors in the same genre that aren’t totally different, and I’ll yell, “Pirate!”

3. Why do you write what you do?

Because I never restrict myself. I let whatever wants to come, come.

4. How does your writing process work?

And one more time Seymour! Going to repeat myself here. Yes – word for word too! Generally it begins with a character. These people (or dragons, or sentient chickens) arrive fully named and clothed generally, and let me know what they plan to be getting on with. On the couple of occasions that things stopped flowing naturally on their own, I ended up with some really rotten pages, so I never try to force the words anymore – I zoom off and spend some time with my friends on the wonderful web – which is currently still mostly locking me out by the way. Now that I’m getting a little more experience as a writer, I make sure to make notes of characters and scenes as I go along. I also stick poster sheets on the wall, and jot in possible future scenes and character information on that too.

Now to pick my three books.

Book 1:

If you’re still labouring under the misconception that female horror authors can’t scare the pants off you, then you obviously haven’t come across Kizzy Lee. It amazes me that she is an absolute angel in real life, overcoming so many really painful obstacles with a smile on her face and love in her heart. I think sometimes that those books of hers that you only ever want to read in the daylight hours are the vessels for the horror. Superb!
This is a compilation of stories, so you can get your terror in, hopefully, manageable pieces.

Book 2:

Mark Myers first caught my attention last year when I saw him donating proceeds of his books to children in Africa. Of course I love this man! It was a massive bonus that I love the way he writes. I’m a fan of young Virgil now – even follow him on Twitter.
What happens when four boys accidently knock out an eccentric stranger and get the mistaken impression that they’ve blinded him? They rescue a mangy mutt from the dump and train it to be his seeing-eye dog, in the hope of absolving their guilt, of course. Further complicating the effort is the fact that one of the boys lays claim to the dog as his own, which sets off a hilarious chain of events as the miscreant plots and schemes to steal the hound back from the old man.

The miscreant is none other than Virgil Creech, youngest of nine bickering brothers in Portsong’s most notorious family. Virgil enlists the help of his only friend, Henry Lee to retrieve the dog, now happily answering to the name Oscar. But the wary Henry begins his own quest for the truth about Oscar’s history. Guided by the dog’s new owner, the kindly Colonel Clarence Birdwhistle, Henry learns about more about life and friendship than he ever does about Oscar.

Set in the 1920’s, Virgil Creech Takes a Swipe at Redemption probes deep into the mind of a boy, which is a shallow thing indeed. Follow Virgil as he plots and plunders his way through school, church, town, and quite possibly into your heart. His antics are hard for even the stoutest soul to tolerate, but don’t write him off just yet. There is always hope that young Virgil might just find his way.

With colorful characters and unforgettable wit, Virgil Creech Takes a Swipe at Redemption will leave you ready to take up residence in Portsong – halfway between Savannah and heaven.

Book 3:

Francis Guenette has just published the second book in her series. Her first is still waiting patiently for me on my ever towering pile of books I really want to read. I also really enjoy her blog, because not only does she share her author’s journey and share tips, she also blogs about herself and her life, and posts the most amazing photos of her gorgeous surroundings.
As circumstances spiral out of control, Lisa-Marie is desperate to return to Crater Lake. The young girl’s resolve is strengthened when she learns that Justin Roberts is headed there for a summer job at the local sawmill. Her sudden appearance causes turmoil. The mere sight of Lisa-Marie upsets the relationship Liam Collins has with trauma counsellor, Izzy Montgomery. All he wants to do is love Izzy, putter in the garden and mind the chickens. Bethany struggles with her own issues as Beulah hits a brick wall in her efforts to keep the organic bakery and her own life running smoothly. A native elder and a young boy who possesses a rare gift show up seeking family. A mystery writer arrives to rent the guest cabin and a former client returns looking for Izzy’s help. Life is never dull for those who live on the secluded shores of Crater Lake. Set against the backdrop of Northern Vancouver Island, The Light Never Lies is a story of heartbreaking need and desperate measures. People grapple with the loss of cherished ideals to discover that love comes through the unique family ties they create as they go.

12 thoughts on “Monday Tag a Book Day! Par Deux.

    francisguenette said:
    March 3, 2014 at 3:23 pm

    Thanks for tagging me, Jo. When my books hit the top of your reading pile, I hope you’ll let me know what you think.


      jorobinson176 responded:
      March 3, 2014 at 3:52 pm

      Pleasure Francis! I rarely put anything on my pile that I’m not really keen to read – it’s just MASSIVE. I need to be more careful with what I spend my time on this year, so I can do more of what I love – read. I’ll definitely let you know. 🙂


    Mark Myers said:
    March 3, 2014 at 5:17 pm

    Thank you for the kind words, Jo. You’re the best!


      jorobinson176 responded:
      March 10, 2014 at 12:10 pm

      Thank you Mark! YOU are the best from where I’m standing! 🙂


        Mark Myers said:
        March 10, 2014 at 12:12 pm

        I’m still trying to get in that group! They must not think I’m the best.


          jorobinson176 responded:
          March 12, 2014 at 7:39 am

          I thought you were already in Mark! I think that there must have been something wrong with the email listed on your join up form. I suggest that you do the join up form again – then it won’t take more than a day or so. Once you reply with your confirmation that you’ve read and understood everything you’re in! Good idea – redo the join! 🙂


    weavergrace said:
    March 7, 2014 at 12:14 pm

    String theory! I am working on comprehending it, and am stuck. I think that if I watch the Nova episode enough times, eventually it will ‘click’.

    Like you, my characters are my Imaginary Friends. As I described in one of my blog posts, when I sit back and let them tell their stories, I am fascinated by what happens. I hope my readers enjoy what I write as much as I do writing it. You are certainly proving that it is likely, as long as I stay true to this process.


      jorobinson176 responded:
      March 10, 2014 at 11:57 am

      Sorry I’m so late answering you! We’ve been having some extremely rotten extreme weather here. How wonderful to find a kindred soul! String theory is fun to try and figure out – LOL! Also the atom that appears twice simultaneously, and quantum – LOVE THAT STUFF. 😀 That’s probably why I don’t have a lot of friends around – they don’t seem as interested in Schrodinger’s cat as I am.

      I am going to love reading everything that you write being on the same string of the theory. 🙂 I’m just like you with my characters. It’s amazing how much you grow to love some of them too – I’m sure that they all exist somewhere out there too…. 🙂


        weavergrace said:
        March 10, 2014 at 8:08 pm

        …synchronicity, effects of observation and expectation, the nature of infinity in time and space, possible realities… yeah. But what does that have to do with number of friends?


          jorobinson176 responded:
          March 12, 2014 at 7:29 am

          True, true. Now that I can find more of my species on the old interweb, I’ve got loads of them who don’t go blank and sidle out of the room when I get going. Yay – NEW FRIEND! 🙂


        weavergrace said:
        March 12, 2014 at 2:41 pm

        I read your response to my comment which was in response to your comment which was… and then I read the latest at one of my favorite blogs and wondered if you two were acquainted yet. Excerpt:

        “Recent experimental results show that people can influence others at a distance just by looking at them…It seems like science is catching up to the mystics and entheogenic voyagers.”

        Here’s to friendship!


          jorobinson176 responded:
          March 14, 2014 at 3:30 pm

          LOL! I LIKE you a LOT! We all get around, and then forget where we went. Cheers to you my friend – interesting chats coming right up! 🙂


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