The Sunday Show – Guest Dutch Fine Artist Sonja ter Heijden – Music from Andre Rieu and Amira Willighagen

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Sally’s Sunday Show is up, and featuring a truly brilliant artist.

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It is easy when working within the parameters of Twitter to simply follow and follow back with some interaction from time to time.  I would like to think that  I have developed a certain relationship in some form with many of those I connect to and I enjoy sharing thoughts and tweets from around the world.
However, sometimes, you get stopped in your tracks. This happened to me when I followed back Sonja ter Heijden from Holland. It was the background to her profile, and at first I thought that it must be an old master from the 18th century.  I looked closer and discovered that this was the latest work of Sonja herself.  I was immediately struck by not only the beauty but the amazing detail in this painting and I wanted to know more.


To cut a long story short I sent an email…

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