The Australian Sunday Show – Guest Kelli Brett – ABC Australia and The Main Ingredient – Music, chat and food.

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All things Aussie from Sally on this weeks show. 🙂

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

Today we continue with an Australian theme with an old friend and colleague Kelli Brett who is ABC content director for Victoria and also producer and presenter of the very popular food programme, The Main Ingredient.  I have also included some music from established and new Australian musicians.

Kelli and I first met ten years ago in Marbella where I was living and in the process of marketing my first book in Spain. I arrived at the Ondacero International studios to leave a copy of the book and a begging letter. Just as I was leaving Kelli came through from the studio a trifle miffed that her morning guest had reneged at the last minute. She saw the copy of my book, asked a couple of pointed questions and led me off to the studio. We worked together for the next three years and have kept in touch since Kelli’s…

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