World Wide Rant on Earth Day

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Angst Anarchy

I wrote this a while back, but since today is Earth Day and I feel like indulging in a nice rant at the world, hey why not post?

Have you ever felt…helpless?  As thought you are one teeny tiny amoeba in a sea of billions?  This might be because, gasp, you are actually one out of billions on this friendly little planet we call earth.  And sometimes when realizing you are one of billions you begin to feel that you have no voice, AT ALL.  You cannot enact world change, you cannot sit the world down and give it a stern talking to like you would a teenager.  For god’s sake, imagine if some alien race abducted ALL of us and put us in a ginormous warehouse on some alien planet.  IMAGINE the crowds!!!  HOLY MOTHER-FU#$ing SHIT!! That’s a goddamned lot of humanity.  A holy SHIT TON.

So…since we…

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