Monday Funnies

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LOL! She thinks Saturday is Monday. 😛

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What a LAUGH


My Thanks to Phil the Tasmanian Devil for these EXAMPLES FROM BRITISH MILITARY OFFICERS’ REPORTS Part 2

23. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

24. Gates are down, the lights are flashing, but the train isn’t coming.

25. Has two brains; one is lost and the other is out looking for it.

26. If he were any more stupid, he’d have to be watered twice a week.

27. Got into the gene pool while the lifeguard wasn’t watching.

28. If you stand close enough to him, you can hear the ocean.

29. It’s hard to believe that he beat 1,000,000 other sperm.

30. A room temperature IQ.

31. Got a full 6-pack, but lacks the plastic thingy to hold it all together.

32. A gross ignoramus, 143 times worse than an ordinary ignoramus.

33. He has a photographic memory but has…

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3 thoughts on “Monday Funnies

    The Story Reading Ape said:
    April 26, 2014 at 10:04 am

    THANKS for the re-blog Jo – we’ll make Saturday a second Monday just for you LOL 😀


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