…the first, the original, the one and only— Abu Dhabi Doo !!… and a great new logo for —‘#TBSU’…

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We LUV ….. 😀

Seumas Gallacher

Master Forrest Gump got it bang on, referring to Life, boxes of chocolate, and just about everything else… ‘yeez don’t know what yeez are gonna get…’ this morning I did a blog post on the ‘#TBSU’ theme, repeating the adage of helping other authors on here through ‘The Blog Scratchers Union’... for the balance of the day, my time was consumed for a few hours sending out my ‘Virtual Award’ for this week (my substitute for ‘Friday Follows’ or ‘ff’s on Twitter), which is ‘Blog Lord Awards’ …the Gump Syndrome kicked in almost immediately… my great pal, Chris Graham, he of the fantastic StoryReading Ape Blog, crafted a logo for the ‘#TBSU’ and sent it to me… it will take pride of place on the sidebar for the web page… if any of yeez feel like copying it and bumping on to your own pages, go ahead, the…

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