McKinley by Chris Graham

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McKinley was the best in the business.

Preparation, patience and knowing all that there was to know about the target’s routine were the secrets to his success.

That’s why he was already in position hours before anyone else arrived, all set up and the sighting scope zeroed in to where the target was guaranteed to be at 06:17AM exactly, just as he always had been for the past three weeks that McKinley had had him under surveillance.

The advance guards arrived, quickly and efficiently checked the area and took up their positions by 05:48AM, keeping continual watch all around the immediate area, but McKinley was well clear of them and well concealed.

Finally at 06:17AM, as expected, the Big Guy himself arrived.

Using the scope, McKinley tracked him to the usual spot, waited until the target was in perfect position, made one final minor adjustment for range and slowly squeezed…

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