The Sunday Show – ‘Egokiller’ a band committed to 52 singles in a year for charity.

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On Sally’s Sunday Show today is an amazing thing to be doing for charity. Egokiller rocks!

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

This week my guests are a band who have put their music on the line to increase awareness of the growing homelessness on our streets in addition to many of the social issues that impact many of us at some point in our lives.

Some people mutter about charity overwhelm and complain about big charities who are run more as businesses with high salaries and reduced commitment to those they were set up to help. I believe there is still some great work being done every day on our streets and behind the scenes. There are also hundreds of thousands of caring individuals who do what they can to help people, animals, environmental causes and equally importantly their own families who might be struggling.

It is clear from reading some of the interviews that the band have done that there is a strong sense of family between the three key…

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