As the Writer of the Story, Does it Honestly Grab You?

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If it doesn’t, move on to the next one…

How many stories have you written during your lifetime – tens, hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands? Over the past nineteen years I’ve written slightly over four thousand. Or to put it another way, thats over four thousand ideas for potential novels that I have come up with.

Each time I got an idea, I started typing like mad to get it down for posterity, even though in the vast majority of cases, I’m the only one who will ever read them. Because of my self imposed standards, out of that number I considered that only six were worthy of expansion into a novel, novella, and in one case, an anthology. As for the rest of them – the phrase ‘been there, done that’ pretty much covers them. The majority of those ideas seemed good at the time (usually at three or…

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