The Sunday Show – Joan Porte – Astrologer, Gastronome, Author and Blogger.

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It’s the Sunday Show with our lovely Sally Cronin, and a really, really interesting one today with the connection between food and star signs. I’m off to buy that book, because now I HAVE to know if my sweet tooth is a fishy old pisces thing………

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

My guest today is an astrologer, gastronome, author and blogger who has published a cook book with a difference. Have you ever wondered why, even as a small child you were drawn to certain foods that perhaps your family had not eaten before? Perhaps you wonder about your preference for a particular cultural style of cooking such as Italian or Chinese. In Signs of the Tines – Joan Porte reveals the answers to those questions and also shares recipes and foods that the individual astrological signs are drawn to and prefer.

I do consult my astrological forecasts monthly and I have two or three astrologers that I find are usually spot on. I used to read a great many more forecasts but one day decided to conduct an experiment. I consulted none for a month and then went back retrospectively and chose the two or three who had nailed the…

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