Life’s Imbalance

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Sometimes life can blow your mind. At other times life can simply seem too damn tough. Many times life is a joy. At all times life is an unfair balance of these things.


Like the iconic justice scales which symbolise a fair and equal administration of the law, life is also a balance which is rarely equally split between the scales. In fact I would beg the question, “does the balance of life ever sit equally across the two scales?”  I think not.

For me personally, the challenges of the life I have chosen to live in Tanzania seemed overwhelmingly difficult during my month-long trip back to Europe. The proverbial scales felt heavily weighted against me. The distance and differences between my two lives was so great that it made the challenges I face in Tanzania seem insurmountable. Several personal factors have weighed in heavily and added to that negative…

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One thought on “Life’s Imbalance

    gillswriting said:
    October 18, 2014 at 3:56 pm

    Thanks so much for the re blog and the tweet Jo and all your wonderful followers that have taken the time to read and like and comment. Xxxx


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