Is it a privilege too . . .

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Ronovan tackles contentious. I don’t know about any other country, but I’ve watched the children of Africa work really hard for their educations. 12 Year olds spending their days (and weekends) working snake infested tea fields in exchange for schooling. They’re badly fed so generally hungry, always tired, and still they hang in there and study in the few waking hours they have left – not forgetting to find time for a smile or a joke too. Sense of entitlement is zero.


Is it a privilege too . . .

Straight Talk with Ronovan

I’m white.

You know for some that would be enough about an article with a title about ‘privilege’. But oh no. This is me after all. Have you ever seen me end a post after only five words? Not ever. So that’s how they came up with never. Some Southern person in Southern Britain said n’ever instead of not ever and there you have it.

It’s kind of like monback here in the States. We aren’t talking about some one humped backed man, nah, we’re telling people to come on back as in when they are backing up a car, “How much farther?” “Monback.”

I just proved my whiteness. Yes. If you ever doubted before, that just did it.

Am I about to tip toe through the garden of political correctness? Is PC land the ruler of Blog…

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