State of emergency

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S i m o n T o c c l o

Ebola got a head start on us, is far ahead of us, is running faster than us and is winning the race”, Anthony Banbury told the UN Security Council on Wednesday.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) projects the pace of infections accelerating in West Africa – to as many as 10,000 new cases per week within two months.

Mr Banbury said the global response to the Ebola crisis must meet critical goals by 1 December “or face an entirely unprecedented situation for which we don’t have a plan”.

By that date, the world must ensure that at least 70 per cent of people infected are in treatment and at least 70 per cent of burials occur without contamination, he said.

I look at social media how various conspiracy theories flowing around . One theory weirder than the other. Meanwhile people are dying and hundreds of heroes voluntarily trying to help…

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2 thoughts on “State of emergency

    The Story Reading Ape said:
    October 19, 2014 at 11:27 am

    Makes you wonder why Governments don’t react to these outbreaks faster Jo, there have been more than enough instances like this in the recent past to have learned lessons 😦


      jorobinson176 responded:
      October 19, 2014 at 11:38 am

      It really is a mindblowing thing. I would have imagined that everyone would be hopping around to help stop the spread everywhere. I saw a photo of the nurse who had it coming off the plane on a stretcher with everyone in full suits, except one guy bouncing around with normal clothes and a clipboard – wondering if it’s a fake, because, wow! You can’t really blame the conspiracy theorist for assuming that some really would like 2/3 of the planet gone. 😦

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