Dementia – Garry George Wilkes – Part Five – A request and special message from Garry

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Over the last five days we have come to know Garry George Wilkes very well. From his childhood and early memories of traumatic events, his growing passion for music and life as a young husband and father and through to the dark years when he battled with mental illness.  Apart from his family the other ‘light’ in his darkness has been music and yesterday we shared in his deep commitment to getting his musical ‘ReAwakening’ into production with his nephew Jameson Tabor.

Today is the last day of Garry George Wilkes interview in which he talks about getting the musical ReAwakening into production, what he needs to accomplish that.

He also has a special message to those who are living with mental illness or caring for someone they love with the disease.


Whilst the actual writing and completion of the musical is a huge achievement the next step will be…

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