Size Matters by Sally G Cronin

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Find out why Size Matters today with my wonderful friend – author, Sally Cronin.

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Today’s featured author is without a doubt the most humble person I have ever met, given all that she has accomplished, and prefers to promote and support the work of others over her own. She has been, and is, involved with radio, television, and publishing as well as being a very well respected author. The book I’ve chosen to feature today is Size Matters, but please do have a look at more in her own words here, whether you need help with publishing or would simply like to connect with this most talented and approachable lady.


Sally Georgina Cronin’s passions run very deep. Particularly in relation to healthy eating and the amazing way the body converts lovely fresh produce into fuel and protective chemicals that keep us fit and alive.

Having weighed 330 lbs (150 kilos) at age 42 and been told that getting to 45 was a bit…

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One thought on “Size Matters by Sally G Cronin

    teagan geneviene said:
    November 1, 2014 at 11:31 pm

    At last the tables are turned and Sally gets reblogged in stead of generously reblogging everyone else. Thanks so much Jo!


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