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Lit World Interviews

What to do for the weekend?

No date?

Or no date worth the time I should say.

Check out our authors for dates that will last all weekend.

Our first

Weekend Date Book Club

begins now and you are all invited to join.

Is one of our authors on your dance card for the weekend?

Do you have one that you are hot about and might be a great interview or review for LWI and want to share it in comments?

Tell us about your upcoming date. Share your secrets. Then return to tell us if they were as great as you hoped for.

LWI Authors

Adult Fiction

Jeanne Bannon

PS Bartlett

Cyril Bussiere

Paula Cappa

Oliver Chase

Luccia Gray

Alysha Kaye

Jon Langione


Olga Núñez Miret

Jo Robinson

Orlando Sanchez

Jinx Schwartz

Thom Tate

Sandi K Whipple

Kent Whittington

Middle Grade Fiction

Monica LaSarre

Vashti Quiroz-Vega

New Adult…

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2 thoughts on “LWI #WeekendDateBookClub

    Aquileana said:
    November 13, 2014 at 12:59 am

    Perfect initiative for both, writers and readers ⭐
    Best wishes, Aquileana 😀


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