The Sunday Show – David M Prosser – What Does the World Need Now?

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Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

We all will leave a legacy of some kind behind us, not only in, but also for our children. We will be remembered for our relationship with others and for our actions or achievements. Also if possible we will leave behind something that moves our family, friends, neighbourhood or environment forward in a much more positive way.

Most of us are very happy to offer our opinion on every subject under the sun from corrupt governments, terrorism, celebrity media coverage, the state of youth today etc…. but given the chance to influence radical changes in our society and for future generations – what key areas should we focus on?

What the World Needs Now, the song first made famous in the 60s by Jackie DeShannon and later by Dionne Warwick, states that it is love that is needed. This new series is called What Does the World Need Now? And…

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