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Whenever I get a huge idea for a new story, I generally stop what I’m doing and open a new document, give it a temporary name, and write down the first couple of sentences and notes. I have lots of these lurking in my WIP folder, but I never allow myself more than ten minutes to create them. Then I leave them alone, to wait until I’ve published what I’m currently writing. I do write more than one book at a time, but I haven’t ever abandoned any of them in favour of starting something brand new, and working on that instead. Many times I get to a place in a book I’m working on when the next thing to happen refuses to reveal itself to me, or I think that the whole story is a lot of rubbish anyway, and getting stuck into something shiny and new would be…

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One thought on “Write on Through

    teagan geneviene said:
    November 27, 2014 at 2:00 pm

    You do realize… now The Doors are playing Break on Through in an endless loop in my mind? But that’s an old favorite. 😀
    > Jo, i reach that point so very many times. I think i’m there right now. Feeling like my NaNoWriMo novel would be better off as a short story and that i should just leave it where it is right now.
    But as you said next, “eventually the tangled threads will unravel, and I’ll see where I need to go.” I also know that is true — now if it will just unravel fast! 😀
    I needed to hear those words Jo — THANK YOU.


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