The Eleventh Day of Christmas with Sam, Garry and Russel with festive food for pets.

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Christmas with Sam. 🙂

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

sally wedding day 1980

I have shared quite a few memories of Christmas Past over my alternative Twelve Days of Chrismas but one thing you will know about me from reading my blog this year is that I feel that animals are part of our family and should be treated with the same love and respect however large or wild they may be.

So whilst talking about the food and treats for the season it would not be right to neglect those four legged family members who will shortly be in sensory overload with all the aromas wafting from the kitchen.

Dogs and cats do not have human digestions but for thousands of years they shared our scraps from our table and thrived and in fact this continued to only about 30 years ago. Two things happened that impacted the way we feed our domestic animals.  The pet food industry marketing machine went into…

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