Festive wish lists – One for Santa and one for the New Year!

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Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

I think of New Year’s resolutions in the same vein as Santa’s present wish list.  They are wishes for riches, beautiful bodies, George Clooney look alikes, sunshine every day, new jobs, ‘happiness’ and other gifts we feel have been lacking in the previous year.  There are of course purists who will spend hours refining their list and there will be a few noble causes in there too.  The average New Year’s Resolution has faded away by mid-February along with the ‘diet’ and the search for George Clooney!


The reality is that making a list of 20 wishes for 2015 will usually result in disappointment and failure. Instead some years ago I created a ‘Must Do’ list.  Just three projects that I will complete in 2015 giving myself the whole year to achieve it.  This year the ‘must dos’ are Sell our House in Madrid, Maintain my current weight and…

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