Barsetshire Diary Reviews.

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Get a wonderful book from a witty, wise, and wonderful author for your new year!


I admit I’m not very good at the promotion of my books also at checking reviews. Today I was reminded that a review of my first book is on most of the Amazon sites and in an effort to promote it I add a link to not just the review in question but to all of them. Like many authors I tended to think that once the book was written, my responsibility is over. Not so, they’re like little babies that need nurturing and like proud parents we’re expected to delve into our pockets for photographs to show at any opportunity.

My Barsetshire Diary is a gentle romp through the vagaries of life in a small village where one might be asked to officiate at the jam making competition at the local village fete. It may just be the place where one competitor is determined to win whatever the cost…

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One thought on “Barsetshire Diary Reviews.

    davidprosser said:
    January 2, 2015 at 1:39 pm

    Darling Jo, thank you so much for the reblog of this. It’s all Chris the Reading Ape’s fault as he reminded me about a review he’d done which is on so many sites and I hadn’t taken advantage of it. To be honest I’m probably just happy promoting for others.
    Have a Wonderful New Year. xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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