Obesity Surgery vs. Funding for Breast Cancer patients! – Frustration and Anger

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I try to have a balanced and open minded approach to my blog posts but there are days when I simply feel the need to write about my frustrations……

Yesterday in my Gentle Detox post, I commented on the increase in obesity surgery that is being performed by the NHS in the UK to the tune of £85million pounds a year in 2012.

I call it ‘surgically implanted willpower’ and have done for many years leading to quite a bit of debate from the obese lobby who feel that the condition should be labelled a disability. I feel that I am quite entitled to comment, since I myself was mobidly obese at almost 24 stone 20 years ago and lost 11 stone naturally over 18 months.  Having been there and done it I know that it is a huge challenge and keeping it off requires constant attention.

However, I got…

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