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PnP Authors began as a source to promote their own books, Peter & Pattimari Cacciolfi state proudly, but its members of notable authors and poets grew so fast that they renamed it, PnP Authors Promotions, and began promoting other authors who joined PnP; FREE. Pattimari began putting together spotlights for the author’s book, and sent them all around the world by having their authors support them by clicking on websites at the end of their spotlighted promotions, sending them into thousands of homes.

PnP Authors LogoPnPAuthors

PnP PromotionsPnPAuthors Promotions

Peter & Pattimari began brain storming with their Administrator, Harmony Brooks and they soon came up with PnP Authors Promotional Magazine where they talk about authors, poets, artists and their writings and works; another way of promoting authors’ books.

PnP MagazinePnPAuthors Promotional Magazine


Peter & Pattimari believe that authors have something to say, and they believe in them, so they promote them…

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