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Before I finished my first book, I had a list of all the top agents and publishers in the USA and the UK. The very thought of going Indie struck me as amateurish and pathetic, and it was going to be big time or bust. I had my synopsis ready, and my query letter. The more I learned about Indie publishing though, the more I fell in love with it, and by the time my first book was finished I had a totally different plan. I didn’t kick the option of traditional publishing to the kerb – I still haven’t done that. Even though I’ve never queried, I try never to say never, but I wanted to explore the amazing new world of anything goes first.

As an Indie writer you get to write about anything under the sun – satire – taboo – trigger inducing – revolting – weird…

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One thought on “Genre Blending

    teagan geneviene said:
    February 5, 2015 at 1:03 pm

    Great post Jo. Rules, rules… I never liked rules that didn’t make sense to me.
    Granted, people want to know “what it’s like” before they take precious time from their lives to read — so do I. So I say something like “If you liked ___, then take a look at my book. I think you’ll like it too.”
    > But limiting a story to a single genre… well, for a lot of stories that just does not come naturally to the story. So here’s to genre blending and thinking outside the box. Somebody please throw away that worn out box. 😀

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