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Callum McLaughlin

Narcissus worshiper inglorious in lust
Presents a banquet with table fit for one
Feasting on richest spoils that leave a bitter taste
But numbed to resonance this gorge seems infinite

Dancing clumsily in your unkempt redundance
Lancing your armed mouth comes forked guile
Reviling, backbiting displayed in destitution
Repudiate truth disallowing clean visibility

Languishing now by your crystallised lake
To preserve your miserable, warped creations
Nails scraping on icy barriers of self-made loathing
Carelessly discarded souls of generosity at bay

Advent in your predictability to flourish animosity
Never austere in your unaccountability
Presumptuous in the clouded lies of a behemoth brain
Only draws the precipitous turn of the swift arm of karma

For when you seek out the eyes reflected in haste
Feel the void of an induced blackness held within
Gathering fists to birth the sweetest overflow of union
Finding rather desert plains of enforced drought

Let me just…

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