How To Help Your Stay At Home Spouse?

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Legends of Windemere

Mr-MomYou know, there’s a lot of memes and pictures out there for stay-at-home mothers and not much for stay-at-home dads.  This movie came up a lot, but I guess that’s how it works.  It would explain all the times I heard someone say ‘women are simply better at child-rearing than us’ while they watch my wife tend to our son.  I’m going to avoid getting into that fight though.  I’d be here all day and I have writing to do.  Besides this is a gender neutral list of things you can do to prevent your stay-at-home spouse from going on strike or striking you with the nearest blunt object.

  1. On a day off or an early return day, take care of dinner.  Learn even a handful of recipes for you to do or just memorize your spouse’s favorite dishes of each takeout place.  It doesn’t even have to be fancy. …

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