A Negative World?

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First, an apology for changing topics after I promised someone this week would be about outlining.  I moved that to mid-March because I’ve had a lot on my mind.  This probably breaks my ‘no personal’ stuff, but I really need to vent on a few things.

Is the world becoming more negative?  I see it every day.  People put incredible amounts of energy to tear down something they dislike or disagree with.  You hate my favorite TV show?  Then war has been declared.  We see a topic from a different view?  I should punch you in the face.  This celebrity said something I don’t like?  I hope they die in a plane crash with these other people I don’t like.  Is this what the world has always been like or is it steadily going in this direction?

I’m not even talking about a single area.  This came…

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One thought on “A Negative World?

    davidprosser said:
    February 16, 2015 at 9:57 pm

    I’m what was once called a manic depressive yet even I have a more positive slant on things and a more passive attitude towards disagreements. Is the world becoming more violent or are the violent people just getting louder.I wan a peaceful world where people care for each other even when they can’t agree.
    xxx Massive Hugs Jo xxx


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