Is There No Room For Adventure?

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Legends of Windemere

Old School Adventure Goodness Old School Adventure Goodness

Long ago, there were adventures.  The plots were fun and the characters weren’t as realistic as those of today.  Conan was big, fast, strong, and brutal with the ability to survive everything.  Also an odd penchant for choking enemies more than beheading them.  At least in the collection I read.  Anyway, these were the days of the fun escapism and pulp fiction.  Feels like another world when I read those stories and I’m not talking about where Conan is wandering.  It’s like there was an old society that cherished these kinds of tales more than we do today.

I’ve been playing with such a series while I try to get my head together.  Yet, I keep coming back to one question:


You don’t see things like this any more.  People seem to want epic-spanning tales, hot romance, angst, death…

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