Guest Post – Charles Yallowitz Author of Legends of Windemere

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Fiction Favorites

I am so pleased to have Charles Yallowitz join Fiction Favorites for a guest appearance. I lured him here with a question about character. Charles the floor is yours.

Thank you to John W. Howell for asking me this question that may cause me to take back the first two words of this sentence.  How does an author retaining the core of a character in a long series while still evolving them?  Definitely a brain scrambler if one isn’t ready for it and the answer can change depending on how one seems individual growth. I mean, do we retain a central identity throughout our lives while altering pieces of it or do we change entirely as we gain experiences?  Thankfully, John isn’t paying me to answer that question, so I get to stay within the realm of fiction.

First a little background to show you the scale that I’m working…

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