Guest Post – Wendy Janes – Musings on proofreading fiction and non-fiction

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Sally has the wonderful Wendy Janes with her today. Wendy is an awesome lady with a brilliant track record as a proofreader/editor. Definitely zoom over and read her article on her own journey.

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I am delighted to welcome Wendy Janes, a highly experienced proofreader, to the blog today for the first time.  I say first time as I hope that having tasted the delights of all your comments, shares and reblogs (no pressure) that Wendy will come back again from time to time.

I will now hand you over…. enjoy.

Musings on proofreading fiction and non-fiction.

Back in the twentieth century when I started out as a freelance proofreader I worked solely on non-fiction, mainly academic texts for a variety of publishing houses. Each had an in-house style guide that editors and proofreaders were expected to work from, which was very useful for a newbie who felt she needed a safety net.

In addition to correcting grammar and punctuation, I became involved in decisions about the hierarchy of headings, styles for different types of lists, plus the setting of figures, tables and boxes…

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