Should Indie Authors Self-Censor Their Books?

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Indie authors get to publish anything at all. Traditional authors have their work edited – things get taken out. Probably things that could cause offense, as well as typos and grammar gremlins. Should you self-censor your writing because of the possibility of offending someone with a word or deed, and thereby open yourself to a couple of raging negative reviews? No – you never should. I must admit to a lot of hesitation inserting offensive things back when I first started out, but not anymore. I’ll write what I feel is right for the story whether it could offend or not. It’s fiction after all. There are things in all my books that could offend a wide range of readers if they chose to be offended, but I have more than enough respect for most lovers of the written word to realise that they’re generally intelligent and open minded, and…

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One thought on “Should Indie Authors Self-Censor Their Books?

    simplyilka said:
    March 26, 2015 at 11:17 pm

    Thanks for this thought Jo! I actually thought about that many times before. You are a great and experienced author so I agree with you on your part. But sometimes I read something from a new author and think that an editor or good friend might have been good for him/her. However I never thought that about offending someone. There each author is free!


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