Proofreading When the Writing’s Done

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One of the biggest things I learned on my Indie trip was that I couldn’t see my own mistakes. I must have proofread my first manuscript dozens and dozens of times, and I was very confident that it was pristine. Then I went on to editing and made some changes to paragraphs, swopped words around, and thought that that was that. I had put many hours into the polishing, and was feeling all warm and fuzzy that I’d done the work well when I hit that publish button. How very, very wrong I was. There were still typos and grammar gremlins in the book after all of that hard graft, primarily in the changes I’d made, and I came down to Earth with a bang in a blaze of shame, realising that that the editing was not at all complete when I thought it was.

I learned that if you…

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One thought on “Proofreading When the Writing’s Done

    Norah said:
    April 3, 2015 at 11:05 am

    There is good advice here, Jo. I think it is very important to get another set of eyes or two upon it, and leaving the manuscript aside for a while before reading, and then reading in random order are also good practices.


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