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Legends of Windemere

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Back on March 5th, I asked people to mention stereotypes they’ve heard about authors.  Some of these I’d never heard of. Now I will respond:

“That authors make a lot of money.”- John W. Howell

  • Of course we do.  Every author makes millions upon millions of dollars.  Then we lose the game of monopoly, curse at our loved ones, and go into the basement to cry.

“Authors make virtually nothing at all.” – Chris McMullen

  • Shows want you know!  It’s not virtual nothing.  It’s true, tangible nothing.  This one ends with crying too.

“Coffee… we live on coffee…” – Sue Vincent

  • Not all of us.  Some of us live on soda, pizza, chocolate, vodka, rum, whiskey, beer . . . I’ll be right back.

“That we’re all alcoholics, of course!” – Nicholas Rossis

  • Wow.  One . . . two . . . many famous authors drink like…

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