Meet Sally Cronin – The Black Sheep.

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With great pleasure I welcome Sally Cronin as my guest today. Many will already know Sally throughSmorgasbordas one of the most supportive of bloggers, where she generously hosts writers, musicians and artists of all kinds, as well as sharing her own knowledge and humour.

Like many, I imagine, I had done little more than read her blog and glance at her bio before I first clicked the ‘follow’ button. It was initially the variety of the content that had attracted my attention, after all. Some few facts registered and stuck, but it was only in reading the blog itself that these facts took on a three dimensional quality and Sally herself became a person rather than just an avatar on a screen.

51vOJnbK+7L._UY250_Even then, it was not until Sally invited me to be a guest on Smorgasbord that I actually took the time to look her up… and…

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One thought on “Meet Sally Cronin – The Black Sheep.

    Sue Vincent said:
    April 28, 2015 at 3:15 pm

    Thanks for the reblog, Jo 🙂


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