How to Create a NCX Table of Contents for Amazon Upload Using Calibre

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I have to say that apart from proofreading, creating a NCX table of contents is something I would be more than happy to outsource to a professional and pay for. Considering my mission to learn all the aspects of self-publishing myself though, as well as the fact that not all Indies have the couple of hundred bucks in their budgets for this, I decided to figure it out myself. I must admit that I wasn’t keen to load any file on to Amazon that wasn’t a nice clean HTML conversion, so I updated my already published books using Calibre with some trepidation. They all worked out very nicely, and now that I understand the logic behind this method I’m all for it. The table of contents we did before works very well for getting a nice clickable table in the front or back of your book, depending where you want…

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One thought on “How to Create a NCX Table of Contents for Amazon Upload Using Calibre

    D.G.Kaye said:
    July 5, 2015 at 4:15 am

    How ambitious of you Jo. I admire your tenacity. Formatting is just one more thing I’m not interested in learning at this point; perhaps one day, so I shall bookmark this. 🙂


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