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AWESOME guys! 🙂


Hello and welcome from Bergen, Norway.

As promised today we feature Maiko, winner of last year’s creative writing competition with two pieces one from last year and on more recent unsolicited story written for Teacher Gill! Enjoy my friends.

Starting secondary school Monday 13th April 2015 Starting secondary school Monday 13th April 2015

The Elephant

by Maiko Boniface Joseph

Written 21st August 2014

Maiko and Amina stood frozen in fear as an elephant stepped out of the shadows. It waded into the pond and dipped its trunk into the water.

“Oh, wow,” said Amina. “ Wow!”

A spray of water rained down on them. It came from behind. Maiko breathed a sigh of relief, the elephant wasn’t going to chase them eat them. Still the elephant was huge.

“Let’s sneak away.” said Maiko.

“But I want to watch,” said Amina.

“Fine” said Maiko, he was tired of Amina getting sidetracked. “I’m going to solve the riddle by…

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    gillswriting said:
    July 20, 2015 at 11:11 am

    Thanks so much for the support my friend. The kids will be blown away at this response to their writing! You have no idea what this will be like for them, can’t wait to get back and show them the comments and support. xxxx


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