Deliberations on Life

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Hello World,

What a diverse and complex planet we have created. Strip it back to its basic raw form and we have land and sea. Climate and environment dictated by the sun and wildife/sealife appropriate to that climate etc.

The worldAdd homosapiens and what have you got?


A melting pot of diverse cultures, religions, beliefs, languages and levels of respect for life. Each of the diverse groups originating from its own land, sea and climate/environmental influences. The advent of global villagecommunications has spawned a feeling akin to a global village with information readily available and transferable at the swipe of a finger. Oh and of course there is man’s other great addition, war.

Man has picked up the original formula for the planet and thrown it into a giant drum, similar to BINGOthose used in bingo halls, and mixed it all up over the years until now when we have the Giant…

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