Size Matters – Serialisation of Diary of a Fat Woman.

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Sally is sharing her book, Size Matters, in serial form for free. Being a child of the eighties I’ve read lots of books about dieting, and this one has to be the most inspiring. I don’t say that because Sally is my dear friend – I read the book before we became sista’s from another mother. Even if you only have a couple of pounds to lose, Size Matters will put you on the path to wellness, covering several other issues important in this modern age such as the candida connection.

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

In the introduction earlier in the week I mentioned that my health issues had reached a point where I was in real danger of not making 45 years old.  The doctor was young and down to earth. He laid it all out for me.. Live or Die and the only person who could make that decision was me. So began a long, roller coaster ride to understanding, health, some bumps in the road to where I am today.

I hope by sharing the book here on the blog for free that I can share a very simple message as far afield as possible. Obesity will kill you one way or another… If you hand over the responsibility for your diet and health to industrial food manufacturers you will be fat and unhealthy.


Here is chapter one of my story – Size Matters (Especially when you weigh 330lbs.)


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