Men’s Health Week – September 7th – Guest posts please.

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The women’s health week was such a pleasure to feature.  The collaborations from guest bloggers was inspiring and also resulted in a great deal of interaction and discussion. That was the original aim and I see that specific posts are still being accessed and absorbed.

Men’s Health Week Monday September 7th to Friday September 11th 2015.

mens health week

I promised that I would not forget the wonderful men in my life at home, my friends and also online. There are a number of male specific health issues or diseases that are more prevalent in men, that I would like to cover.

I am also aware that women can take the michael when it comes to men and illness… for example the ‘man flu’.  However, it is also true that men are more likely to ignore the early symptoms of serious illness until it is too late to treat successfully. This includes heart…

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