Memories are made of this.. 1971 – Dentistry, Maggie May and Diamonds

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Down memory lane with Sally. LOVE Rob Stewart, and this really takes me back to my own start on the career journey. One boss in particular thought that his lap was a good place to sit while taking notes. 😀 😀

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

This week a coming of age in many respects.. I reached voting age, began my first permanent full time job that turned out to be very different from anticipated and I fell in and out of love. There was some great music and films that year and here are some memories….


In July of 1970 I left Highbury Technical College with a diploma in secretarial studies. Whilst I worked the summer along the seafront in my role as taste controller for the whipped ice-cream machine! I was also occupied with finding my first full-time job. To be honest I was earning around £7 a week with tips and was slightly disheartened to see that my diploma only qualified me for jobs that paid £6.50 or less in some offices.

My mother felt that at least it would be a stepping stone to better things in the future and that selling…

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