Memories are made of this..1973- The Sting, Carly Simon and Unhappy Feet!

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Remembering with Sally. 🙂

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

In June 1972 after I left my job with Roland Phillips after two years I ended the year  working with my sister at the Portsmouth Management Centre in the December as a hotel receptionist.

However, this job had not been my first port of call when my job came to an end with Roland. I had decided to apply to join the Queen Alexandra’s Royal Naval Nursing Service and build on my experience as a dental nurse. As the process was due to take several months I took a temporary job in the department store, Handleys of Southsea, in the shoe department.

One would think that this occupation would be reasonably devoid of drama, but of course, add my ability to attract trouble and all bets are off.

The shoe department position was the only one available at the time and I took it despite having a thing about feet…

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