Size Matters serialisation – Chapter Nine – Willpower – Time to put away childish things

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Here’s Sally’s latest chapter of her serialisation of her fabulous book Size Matters. Time to wield that willpower! It’s true though – sometimes we’ll go without for the love of others, but don’t extend the same care to ourselves.

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Chapter Nine – Willpower – Time to put away childish things!

One question I have spent a long time worrying about is ‘How will I find the willpower?’ With over 150 lbs. (11 st, 68 kg) to lose and an uncontrollable craving for sweets and bread, I knew that I was my own worst enemy. Nobody stood over me and force-fed me; the chocolate bars did not throw themselves off the sweet counter into my pocket and the fridge door never opened by itself.

Willpower implies choice. Obviously, many of my cravings were a result of Candida, but, even so, that condition did not make me eat Chinese takeaways nearly every night, nor did it make me raid the fridge for bacon and eggs at midnight.

We are not born with willpower. As babies, if we want something, we do everything we can to get it: scream, cry, and throw…

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